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4rabet bonus – what are bonuses in the bookmaker?

Newcomers to the betting world often ask themselves: “What are 4rabet bonuses in the bookmaker?” Although the total pros in sports betting do not always understand what it is. The term is understandable to everyone, but far from all players know what promotion from a bookmaker is.

The bonus of the bookmaker is a reward in favor of the player. With the help of bonuses, BC attract and retain players. At the same time, everyone wins: the bookmaker has a new client, and the player has some kind of encouragement that can bring him cash dividends. Each client can use the betting bonus, no matter if it is a new player or an experienced bettor.

For beginners, the bookmaker gives the so-called “invitation bonus”, which becomes available after registration, is charged on the amount of the first replenishment of the deposit.

Bonus offers should not cause the player fear, he should understand that there is nothing bad or suspicious in them, most importantly, before taking the promotion, you should carefully study the conditions of his wagering. Bonus terms and conditions describe in detail all the necessary information that must be read before clicking the “Receive” or “Activate” button. Everyone should understand that there are no gratuitous gifts, the bookmaker, like the player, wants to receive benefits. That is why, if the better agreed to take the bonus, a number of conditions should be met.

4rabet bonus – what types of bonuses are there?

Bonuses from bookmakers are different, and not necessarily they are given in the form of cash incentives with crediting to the account. The most popular types of bonuses: welcome bonus, promotional code, cashback.

Welcome Bonus is the most common type of reward for new players. The conditions for receiving such a bonus are the simplest: you need to register, make a first deposit, after which a certain amount will be credited to the bonus account. Some offices accrue this bonus without replenishing the game balance, then freebets are credited to the bonus account. This type of bonuses is the easiest, but you need to wager them.

The promotional code is another type of promotion for betters that provides certain privileges at the initial stages of the game. The bookmaker distributes promotional codes during promotions and bonus programs. The promotional code is entered during the first registration, it can be used once. Promotional codes increase the interest of beginners to the bookmaker. You can take advantage of such a promotion after completing registration and entering all personal data.

Cashback – this type of promotion allows you to return a certain percentage of the amount of lost bets. The size of the percentage is set by the bookmaker individually. Such compensation is not used by all bookmakers, but absolutely every player can take advantage of such a bonus.

Bonus sizes

Each bookmaker, and this BC is no exception, independently determines the types and size of bonuses within its capabilities. The conditions for receiving rewards and their wagering may differ from one operator to another. For example, BC gives its new players  a welcome bonus of 200% of the amount of the first deposit.

Prerequisites for receiving bonuses BC

Regardless of the type of bonus, the player must fulfill certain conditions, and he must do this in any case. In fact, there is nothing complicated about this.

There are criteria that are considered to be mandatory:

  • Registration on the site of the bookmaker.
  • Personal identification.
  • Filling in personal data.
  • Making a first deposit.

The listed conditions must be fulfilled by the player without fail.

Bonuses for BC players – conditions for receiving and wagering

As already noted earlier, the bookmaker provides its players with this kind of promotion as a welcome bonus, as well as promotional codes. Welcome bonus is charged on the first replenishment of the deposit. Its size is 200% of the amount paid to the game balance.

The minimum deposit is 300 rupees. The maximum bonus amount is 20,000 rupees.

Please note that this bonus offer is available exclusively to new players who are first registered on the 4rabet bonus website.

Example of accruing a welcome bonus:

  1. After registering, the player replenishes the deposit in the amount of 10,000 rupees, a bonus in the amount of 200% of this amount is automatically credited to the bonus account.

Thus, on the main account of the bettor 10,000 rupees, and on the bonus account 20,000 rupees.

  1. Please note that under the terms of the bonus program, 20,000 rupees is the maximum bonus amount.
  2. In order to withdraw funds from the bonus account, you must bet on any sporting event with a coefficient of 3 or higher. If the bet wins, the better is automatically charged 5% of the bet amount for this outcome from the bonus account.


The balance of the main account is 10,000 rupees. The amount on the bonus account is 20,000 rupees.

The player’s bet is 10,000 rupees, the odds are 3 for the victory of the football team.

The bet wins. Payout amount = 10,000 rupees * 3 = 30,000 rupees + 500 rupees (5% of the bet amount) = 30,500 rupees. Total = amount of the main account – 30 500 rupees, on the bonus account – 19 500 rupees.

  1. You can use the money from the bonus account within 14 calendar days after its activation.
  2. At the end of the period allotted for wagering, the bonus account is automatically canceled.
  3. Until the bonus is won back, the withdrawal of funds is blocked.
  4. In the process of wagering the bonus, bets with a coefficient below 3 and bets on which a refund has been made are not taken into account.
  5. If all the conditions of the bonus have been met, the money will automatically transfer from the bonus to the main account. 9. The administration of the 4rabet reserves the right to change the bonus conditions at any time, restrict the player’s participation in the bonus program or conduct an additional verification of the account holder.

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